Rachel has previously worked as a Family and Litigation Lawyer. She then undertook her Masters in Social Work. Rachel also holds a Bachelor of Criminology. Rachel has membership with the Australian Association of Social Work and the Family law Pathways Network.

Drawing upon her past legal background, Rachel can support parents, children and family units. She can assist those who are contemplating separation and also those who are on their journey after separation.

Rachel assists with all aspects surrounding post separation parenting including: working with families and children to support a child’s capacity and adaptability to change, and associated behaviours. She can also assist parents with their co-parenting relationship and skills.

Whilst Rachel understands the very important role of the legal system, she also acknowledges the benefits for many families to have the opportunity to engage in a holistic approach, to navigate alternative strategies that work for them, and their particular circumstances. This gives families the necessary support to have a voice in making decisions about their family.

Rachel believes in walking beside those that she works with. She works collaboratively with you. Her approach is strengths based, supporting her clients to draw upon their own personal and family strengths and skills, to negotiate challenging circumstances, now and into the future.

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